Nelson Mullins Encompass


Is your document review provided by trained lawyers in the United States?

Yes. Lawyers conduct all of our document review from dedicated review centers in Columbia, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. Every lawyer is trained on the client's review technology, the case background, and unique review guidelines.  Reviewers also receive training on security protocols.  We hold Q&A sessions in the first few days of each new review, and throughout the review as needed, to ensure the project guidelines are clear and that the review is running smoothly.

Will my company have the flexibility to select the collection and review technology platform?

Yes. You choose the technology vendor. We can guide you as much as or as little as you need. We have experience working with a broad range of review platforms including Relativity, ClarVergence 4 and 5, iCONECT, Discovery Radar, Catalyst, Equivio, Enterprise Vault, Discovery Accelerator, RingTail, and Clearwell. We have also worked with major vendors including TCDI, RenewData, Kroll OnTrack, IKON, Ricoh, Epiq, AmDoc, Symantec, KPMG, and Autonomy.

How do you scale your services?

We work with clients that have in-house discovery processes and clients that do not.  Some of our clients have smaller scale needs, and some have large-scale, complex review needs, such as those for multidistrict litigation or time-sensitive reviews for government investigations.  We advocate for clients to help right-size the scope of review, but we also have the capacity, experience and processes to quickly scale services for large review projects.  Our dedicated review centers in Columbia, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee currently have seating capacity for 300 reviewers, and the flexibility to add more.

Do you provide review services for matters when your law firm is not case counsel?

Yes. Currently, 90% of our reviews are for matters where other firms are case counsel.  In our role as discovery and review counsel, clients engage us to handle the discovery and review aspects of the case, and to help bring consistency and efficiency to our clients' discovery processes across the litigation and investigations they face.  We implement practices to understand our clients' business, and to integrate effectively with clients and case counsel.

How will you help my company advocate to right-size the scope of discovery?

We regularly appear on behalf of our clients before judges, magistrates, special masters, and opposing counsel to right-size the scope of review to the true needs of the case.  We help clients implement information governance practices designed to reduce discovery risks and costs.  We also understand and guide clients on when technology assisted review (TAR) can be useful and when it may not be appropriate.

How can you help my company manage the costs of discovery and document review?

Our client service relationships for document reviews enable sound budget management through predictable fee structures.  We advocate to right-size the scope of review, and to help minimize discovery burdens and business disruption.  We understand that clients want budget predictability, and we track and report progress throughout each project.  In addition, with headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina and review centers in cost-effective markets of Columbia and Nashville, Tennessee, we offer competitive and predictable fee structures, with the accountability, stability, and client service of a major law firm.

Is technology assisted review (TAR) part of your workflow process?

Yes, when appropriate.  We discuss TAR options and strategies with clients and case counsel, and incorporate TAR in our review workflow, when it offers opportunities to decrease cost and increase efficiency.  Our TAR experience spans a number of vendors, products, and project types.

What if my company is global with matters that involve custodians and data outside of the United States and foreign language reviews?

We conduct reviews for clients with global operations.  Our reviews have spanned multiple countries, with hundreds of custodians and diverse foreign language requirements, including French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Why is defensibility and law firm accountability so critical?

Increasingly, some litigants use the discovery process as a tool to hijack resources and distract parties from the merits of the case.  In addition, the company's reputation and standing with regulators is on the line when responding to government investigations.  We advocate on behalf of clients before the courts, opposing counsel, and regulators, and provide clients with law firm accountability, service, and stability. We provide counsel on defensible strategies, and deliver on-target and on-time results.

What are the benefits to centralizing discovery and review counsel services with one firm?

Consistency, predictability, efficiency, and accountability.  As national discovery and review counsel, we help bring consistency to our clients' discovery processes across their matters.  We free up in-house clients to focus on strategic decisions, and allow case counsel to focus on winning cases.  We implement project management, communications processes, and predictable fee structures to help clients navigate the complex maze of discovery and to bring efficiency and predictability to their matters.  We do all of this with the accountability and counsel of an established law firm.