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The legal landscape relating to electronically stored information (ESI) is dynamic and changing every day. Our perspectives, written and made available by Nelson Mullins attorneys and technology professionals, provide insights that may be helpful as you navigate the path forward for your organization.

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What Is Your Company's Social Media State of Readiness?

Sep 29, 2015

By John Martin, Renee Dankner, Ashley Garry

Social media use continues to grow at a steady pace. Does your company have company-sponsored social...


To TAR or Not to TAR: Deciding When to Use TAR

Aug 25, 2015

By By Heyward D. Bonyata and Jarrett O. Coco

Burdens and Benefits: Brush the Dust off Social Media Policies

Dec 1, 2014

By Julie A. Flaming, Renee S. Dankner, Jarrett Coco

Reprinted with permission of


Integrating Electronic Communications & Information Governance

May 22, 2014

By John D. Martin, Renee S. Dankner, and Ashley Garry
DRI E-Discovery Connection

Reprinted with permission of DRI

The widespread use of electronic communications channels allows us to create and share information o...


Electronic Communications - Five Must-Dos

Jan 15, 2014

By John D. Martin, Renee S. Dankner
Bloomberg BNA, Electronic Commerce & Law Report

Reproduced with permission from Electronic Commerce & Law Report

As business communications rocket across cyberspace, take steps to implement good information...


Managing Risk: Five Steps to Enhance Board E-Readiness

Nov 1, 2013

By John D. Martin, Renee S. Dankner
Corporate Governance Advisor

Reprinted with permission of Corporate Governance Advisor

When board-level information is targeted , is your company armed to respond quickly and defensibly?...


The High Cost of Being Unprepared

Data Breach and the Financial Institution

Sep 3, 2013

By David F. Katz

If you are the CEO, CISO or General Counsel of a financial institution (FI) of any size, you have......


Implementation and Use of Electronic Contracts

Sep 1, 2013

By Connie Brenton and Jason Epstein
ACC Docket Magazine

Reprinted with permission of the Association of Corporate Counsel

Tools that provide ready access to information and enable rapid response are critical...


Using iPads for Mediation, Arbitration and Trials

A litigator's take on effective presentation apps and strategies

Jul 26, 2013

By William Latham
Inside Counsel

Reprinted with permission of Inside Counsel

When the Apple iPad was introduced in early...


Technology: In-house eDiscovery Capabilities

Five Key Considerations in Selecting and Implementing In-house Collections Strategy

Jul 12, 2013

By John D. Martin, Renee S. Dankner, Allan Crawford

Reprinted with permission of Inside Counsel

Many in-house legal professionals face the “make or buy” decision every day: which matters or parts ...