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In today's litigation environment, the importance of proactive litigation readiness cannot be overstated. Encompass has both the legal and technical knowledge to develop and implement eDiscovery readiness strategies that are both defensible and cost-effective.

We regularly assist our clients with pre-litigation data mapping, retention policies, threat assessment, meet-and-confer preparation, and other readiness services.

Together with in-house counsel, we conduct readiness evaluations and determine which services are needed. These may include:

  • Document review strategies
  • Enterprise information governance policies and practices
  • ESI playbook and standard disclosure development
  • Legal hold technology solutions
  • Preservation and collection procedures, including for emerging ESI data sources (mobile, social media, cloud-based services, medical devices, etc.)
  • Selection and preparation of deposition witnesses
  • Testing of enterprise search and retrieval tools
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Preservation Strategies for Fortune 200 Client

When a Fortune 200 client needed help assessing its legal hold practices, it turned to Encompass. Our client's objective was to develop automated processes for segregating email subject to legal hold and for enforcing its retention policy for email not subject to legal hold. Our approach included providing guidance on assessing legal holds inventory, developing search terms, conducting sampling and due diligence, and on the process for segregating email subject to legal holds, and for enforcing the retention policy. Through these efforts, our client was able to develop a framework to implement reasonable and defensible preservation practices as part of its enterprise information governance and litigation readiness strategies.


Vendor Selection for Centralized Email and Legal Hold Services

As part of its information governance and electronic discovery strategies, our Fortune 200 client is exploring technology options to centralize e-mail archiving, analytics, and culling, and legal hold issuance and management. Encompass is analyzing the client's current vendor's offerings, conducting benchmarking against the market, and assisting with business case development for options and recommended approach.


Defensible Disposal Project for Fortune 100 Client

As part of our client's enterprise records management program, the client asked for advice on how to manage a significant amount of backup tape data. Working collaboratively with the client's legal, IT, and records management professionals, we developed a systematic approach to assess whether the tapes may be eligible for disposition. Our approach included identifying the team, assessing internal policies and practices, implementing project management practices to map workflow and assess information, and providing guidance and legal analysis on retention and disposal. Through these efforts, our client was able to reduce risks associated with maintaining information that is no longer needed for business or legal purposes and to significantly reduce its records storage costs.